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100 Artists to Watch, profile @ Modern Painters

So Different, So Appealing organized by Rachel Churner and Ryan Steadman @ Grammercy Park Hotel

EAF @ Socrates Sculpture Park

Norfolk @ Thierry Goldberg

Trout Spots curated by Carlos Reyes @ Deniston Hill

The Finishers Online Catalogue

The Finishers Review @ HyperAllergic

The Finishers @ The Wassaic Project

Perfectly Damaged Review @ New York Times

Perfectly Damaged @ Derek Eller

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Analogue @ Luminary Center for the Arts

Two Fold Curatorial Project @ The Suburban

Two Fold Online Catalogue

Peregrine Projects @ The MDW Fair

Community Colleagues Curated by Sara Greenberger-Rafferty

Becoming Animal @ Glendale College Gallery

Powders, A Phial and a Paper Book @ Marlborough Gallery

Selections from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lutz @ Wildlife

Selections from the Collection @ 16 miles of String

Pedagogical Sculptures of the Tristate Area, Part One, @ Paper Monument

Run and Tell That @ Syracuse University

S(l)ummering on Madison Avenue @ The Notary Public

One Acre Plot @ Majestic Farm

Heed The Machine, Illustrious, @ St. Cecilia’s Convent

The Suburban @ The Suburban

2 Degrees of Separation @ Satori

Shameless, Nameless and Recycled @ POP

Mastercraft @ Satori

Mastercraft Reviewed @ BRS

No Objective @ TSA

No Objective Reviewed @ Philadeliphia Inquirer

Fresh Asphalt @ Satori

Fresh Asphalt Reviewed @ Anaba

Abstractions and Contractions @ Lumenhouse

Abstractions and Contractions Reviewed@ Anaba

Put On @ Circus Gallery

IRL @ Caprcious Gallery

Invisible Duck Tape @ Satori Gallery

7x7 @ Why and Wherefore

Online Project @ Why and Wherefore

Something for the Commute @ Brooklyn Fireproof

Something for the Commute Reviewed @ ArtReview

Emerging Artist Profile @ Phillips Art Expert

Tact-Traction @ Anna Kustera

Tact-Traction Reviewed @ Saatchi Daily Blog

Untitled @ Buia

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In The Ring @ Buia